Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer

Sachiel represents opulence, majesty, wealth, physical well-being, prestige, money. Sachiel Archangel is very generous and does not disdain to help humans achieve well-being. If in the destiny of a man wealth is considered harmful to his spiritual evolution, if poverty is a test that must overcome because wealth has lived badly, there will be no…… Continue reading Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer

Yeiayel Guardian Angel Born July 7 to 11

Yeiayel guardian angel gives fame understood as recognition of one’s value by others, and also as an invisible light that radiates our inner being. This angel also gives the gift of discernment, that is, of the ability to make wise choices, as well as firmness in decisions made. It dispenses the energies of Venus, granting…… Continue reading Yeiayel Guardian Angel Born July 7 to 11