Seraph Angels protect the throne of God

Seraph Angels are static conservatives of the uncreated divine energy, although do not know what the Creative Will will be, hold primordial energy in their hands and make it available when it will have to channel to manifest itself. Seraph Angels belong to the highest celestial hierarchy, are mentioned only once in the Holy Scriptures in a vision of prophet Isaiah (6: 2-7). Seraph Angels are before the throne of God, looking like winged beings with six-wing

No further descriptions of the shape and appearance of these particular angels are provided, however, we can say that the Seraph Angels have a virtually identical appearance to humans. Their cry is continuous and addressed to the other angels – Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts all the earth is full of his glory (Isaiah 6: 3).

This heavenly voice was so strong that the doorposts were shaken (Isaiah 6: 4). In a biblical account, in question, a Seraph flew to Isaiah with a burning coal in his hand, just taken with tongs from the altar, with which he touched the lips of the prophet in order to remove iniquity (Isaiah 6: 6-7).

Seraph Angels Meaning

Hebrew term serafìm means burning, fire in question is that of Love and the circumstance should not surprise us as they are the beings closest to God together with Cherub Angels, with whom they, therefore, sing the song of Trisagion as it comes out. in an extract from Revelation 4: 8.

As for the name of Seraphs, it reveals their continuous and incessant movement around the divine realities, the heat, the ardor, the seething of this eternal continuous, stable, and firm movement. Ability to make subordinates similar to themselves, raising them energetically, making them boil and ignite to heat equal to theirs. The cathartic power similar to lightning, the luminous and resplendent nature which never hides and which is inextinguishable, chaser of all gloomy darkness.

Wings cover the feet as a sign of absolute obedience to God. Seraph Angels do not move of their own will but only if God commands them. Another pair of wings, as I have already said, cover the face precisely because the Majesty of God is so high that they feel the need to cover themselves.

In Greek text by Pseudo Dionysius the Areopagite, consisting of fifteen short chapters, for a total of about eighty pages. We read many things about the most blissful angelic hierarchies in which the Father has generously manifested His light and through which we can rise to His absolute splendor.

For example, it is said that the members of the hierarchies are like transparent mirrors suitable for receiving the ray of Light of the divine Principle, holyly filled with the splendor due to them and in turn widely resplendent towards those who follow them.

Seraph angels are tasked with protecting God’s throne in heaven

They surround him, constantly praising God, are illuminated from within with a brilliant light that manifests their passionate love for God. One of their most famous members, Lucifer – whose name means bearer of light – was the closest to God and known for its bright light, but fell from heaven and became a demon (Satan) when he decided to try and wrest God’s power for himself and rebelled. In Luke 10:18 of the Bible, Jesus Christ described Lucifer’s fall from heaven as similar to lightning. Since the fall of Lucifer, Christians have considered angel Michael as the most powerful angel.

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