Principalities Angels Messengers of Heaven

Principalities Angels are the first Choir of the third Angelic Hierarchy. To the third sphere belong those angels who perform the function of messengers of Heaven. They are those who possess a sovereign character with the power of command within the divine order.

Principalities Angels collaborate with the Powers Angels in the management of human politics, receiving orders directly from the Dominions Angels. They are superior for the superiority of fortitude, strong in performing miracles, in attracting the celestial gifts, and in redistributing them after receiving them. It is said that at the end of the world the powers of the heavens will be disrupted because for their activity wonderful things will be accomplished on the elements.

Principalities Angels First Choir of the Angelic Hierarchy

We must adapt to these Angels when we wish to be strong in fighting against vices, profound in the knowledge of divine things, grateful in accepting the gifts. The Principalities are the protectors of religious and cult manifestations that establish and maintain the bonds between creatures and Creator; they constitute the bridge between material manifestation and spiritual essence.

Angelic beings with a shape similar to rays of light, exert their influences from the orbit of Venus, they are beyond the group of Archangels. They are the spirits of history and time, guardians and protectors of nations and counties, and everything related to their problems and events, including politics, military problems, trade, and exchange.

Principalities Angels together with the Archangels

They are in close and continuous contact with Humans, designating, and choosing individuals suitable for governing, administering, and fostering trade and military affairs. I think their work these days is really difficult, considering how our world today is in trouble. According to the Christian and Jewish angiology therefore every region, province, nation, city or village has its own Principalities Angel.

In the Bible first letter of Peter 3: 21-22 – He (Christ) now is in heaven, next to God, and reigns over all the angels, Who is at the right hand of God, having ascended into heaven and having obtained sovereignty over the angels, principalities, and powers.

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