Leuviah 19th Angel in Kabbalah meditation prayer

Leuviah 19th Angel urges to express with art, new science, and a new spirituality to help build the beauty of a renewed world. The hieroglyph of this Name (Lamed Vav Vav) hides the concept – I cross one border after another. So the momentum that gives the person goes in the only direction of ever new goals.

As if their mind and soul found themselves enclosed in a sphere and suddenly felt it was too narrow and they only crossed it to discover shortly afterward another sphere that imprisons them. Then another and yet another and so on to infinity, exploring and leaving ever larger and more exciting spheres behind

Leuviah Angel 19 gives inner serenity amiability and good humor, ability to help others with a good example. Modest and sociable character, with patience towards adversity, propensity for art. Good memory, open and universal intelligence, subtle intuition that allows you to capture the meaning of existence, joy, and morality.

Ramiel is the angel of the abyss that contrasts the works on earth of Angel Leuviah. It represents adversity and useless memories that take away space from what is essential. It inspires arrogance, displeasure, despair, boredom and pessimism, debauchery, and a lack of trust in divine providence. It causes serious losses and mortifications, unruliness, great afflictions.

Leuviah 19th Angel meditation – Calling God

The specific power to connect our soul to the divine is attributed to this Name. Meditating on this name gives the enthusiasm and inspiration to become able to follow our true spiritual inclinations, access the universal consciousness, and be in harmony with it.

Now concentrate your vision on the Name Leuviah without thinking about anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention – by the virtue of this Name I am now connected. With absolute confidence, I trust in the certainty that my prayers are answered.

Leuviah 19th Angel of the kabbalah is the guardian angel of people born from June 22nd to 26th. Other days of the angel’s presence are – January 27 – April 8 – June 22 – September 5 – November 16. It governs the energies every day from 6.00 am to 6.20 am. It also particularly assists those born in these days and at this time. And this is the best time when everyone can invoke his help with traditional prayer – 2nd verse of Psalm 39

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