January Guardian Angel s, Patience and Responsibility

January Guardian Angel s collectively instill the gift of patience. People born in January are serious individuals with patience and a sense of responsibility. These are ambitious people in a positive sense, able to carry out their projects with silent deliberation.

First – January Guardian Angel

Nemamiah Angel from January 1st to January 5th
From 11th to 15th degree of Capricorn
People born these days receive as a gift from their guardian extraordinary powers of observation that push them to shine, making them individuals capable of making wise and just decisions. They are people who hate routine and are very creative. They have a particular practical intelligence that allows them to face the overcoming of problematic situations with rationality and simplicity.

Second – Guardian Angel of January

Yeiaiel Angel from January 6th to January 10th
From 16th to 20th degree of Capricorn
Yeiaiel guarantees those born under his protection a remarkable talent in the scientific field, as well as the right competence and attention to detail necessary to operate in this area. Generally, people are very deep, insightful, and always ready to carry out projects that are as solid as they are important, able to make the most of every situation.

Third – January Guardian Angel

Harahel from 11 January to 15 January
From 20th to 25th of Capricorn
People receive remarkable productivity from them, guardians, especially in the intellectual field. They are good communicators, often carriers of modern ideas, and able to implement them with the right substance.
They calculate with due consideration the pros and cons of the situation, the steps to be taken, assess the risks, and develop strategies to achieve them.

Fourth – January Guardian Angel

Mitzrael from January 16th to January 20th
From the 26th to the 30th degree of Capricorn
People with Mitzrael as their guardian angel are hard workers both physically and intellectually. They have extraordinary clarity of reasoning and lively intelligence that allows them to go straight to the heart of the matter and at full speed towards a certain goal. They love to change jobs and projects because they can’t bear to get bored or to stay focused on a given situation for too long.

Fifth – Guardian Angel of January

Umabel from January 21st to January 25th
From grade 1 to grade 5 of Aquarius
People-oriented to the study of physics, mathematics, and stars. These born are people with a vivaciuos interior life, and of great sensitivity, they love to have many friends, and they turn out to be the most honest ever they could have. They are constantly intrigued by the other, which becomes a means by which to know themselves. They are great travelers for leisure or for business.

Sixth – January Guardian Angel

IahHel from January 26th to January 30th
From grade 6 to grade 10 of Aquarius
Those born in these days have the gift of their guardian the ability to reason on the basis of concrete experiences. Naturally thoughtful and curious individual, he deals with multiple things. Most of the time he manages to coordinate with others in order to carry out an initiative without excessive effort on the part of everyone. They are therefore ideal in group work, where they often play the role of protagonists. Because they care about the participation and value of all their colleagues and can thus achieve brilliant results.

Seventh – January Guardian Angel

Anauel – from January 31 to February 4
From the 11th to the 15th degree of Aquarius. >>> Read here

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