Iahhel Prayer Psalm 119 verse 159 Meaning

Iahhel Prayer Psalm 119 is specifically matched to Iahhel guardian angel. Psalm 119 in all its 176 verses speaks of Israel’s love for the Torah. He was forced to admit it already Saint Augustine: (It is of a depth that few realize … the simpler it seems, the deeper it seems to me). The measures implemented by the psalmist, in this very long wisdom composition, are of two types.

First of all, the acrostic which has the effect of dividing the psalm into twenty-two stanzas as many are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. and the alternation in the eight verses of each verse, of eight different synonyms that indicate the Torah: law, promise, word, testimony, order, decree, precept, judgment.

This persistent variation of terms is already a very effective indication that the Torah as it is conceived by biblical Judaism, is a summarizing concept of the whole revelation, therefore it cannot be relegated to an exclusively legalistic context. Torah is the set of oral and written rules that allow us to lead a good life worthy of the name. the Torah is a tree of life or even the tree of life banned in an earthly paradise. It means that it is a living organism, which grows and produces fruits, and that these fruits make man live.

a) Let me live, according to your word: Psalm 119,25.37.107.
b) Make me live, according to your promise: Psalm 119.154.
c) Let me live, according to your judgments: Psalm 119,149,156.
d) Make me live, according to your justice: Psalm 119,40.
e) Let me live, according to your love: Psalm 119,88.159.

There is certainly a connection between all these expressions, due to the remarkable analogy of the variable element: word, promise, judgments are three of the eight synonyms used by the psalmist to name the Torah. The other two, justice and love, are also always used in the function of the psalmist’s adhesion to the Torah. All, therefore, fall within the same, extraordinarily homogeneous sphere of thought:

 Behold, I love your orders according to your justice let me live (Psalm 119,40).
Iahhel Prayer – See how I love your precepts; preserve my life, Lord, under your love. (Psalm 119.159).

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