Guardian Angels are ready to guide us

Guardian Angels are ready to guide us beyond what has been to heal us from any restlessness. The Guardian Angel to whom we were entrusted in this life is energy at our disposal. It constitutes a privileged channel between us and the part of us that extends beyond our consciousness.

It is up to us to decide whether to use what this spirit world can offer. The thing we need to know is that our Guardian Angels remain motionless. If we don’t ask them for the help and impulses we need. Our freedom to decide whether to ignore them or believe in Guardian Angels.

Guardian Angels according to Kabbalah

According to Hebrew Kabbalah and Christian Kabbalah, there are 72 unique combinations of Hebrew letters. That creates a powerful spiritual vibration that can counteract the bonds of the ego. Intended as forgetfulness of one’s own divine self, identification with the deception of illusions.

According to Kabbalah, humanity is on the way to overcome the bondage of our ego, to gain control over physical nature, and tap into Freedom. Knowledge of the meanings of the 72 names of the Guardian Angels. And meditation on the close connection they can have with our life. They can lead us, all this helps us in the labyrinth of life and shows us a way towards divinity.

72 are the names of God, 72 are the Guardian Angels

Divided into the hierarchy of the nine Choirs presided over by the Archangels of the respective Sephirah. All with the myriad of angelic hosts at their service. Eternally committed to giving body to living matter, according to the innumerable divine intentions expressed by the vibration of their music. Each Guardian Angel is an emanation of God (breath of God). It is both an autonomous entity, a plural entity, and an entire universe.

Always ready to come to our aid even though he seems motionless. Waiting to be called, he rejoices with us and is sad with us. it is other than us and at the same time represents the fullness of our divine self. From which the thousand illusions and deceptions of the Angel of the Abyss separate us. Who incessantly contends our intellect to the calls of our Guardian Angel.

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