Demand what you want prayer to the guardian angels

Demand what you want these reflections concern an expression contained in the book of kings and addressed by God to a great man. One day Solomon went to Gibeon to offer sacrifices and offered up a thousand burnt offerings to the Lord. But on that night in a dream, God appeared to him and presented him with a choice perhaps embarrassing for others, but important and decisive for Solomon. Who as we all know was then greatly rewarded by God for choosing him, and God gave him much more than he asked.

I thought a lot about this request made by God – Demand for what you want me to give you! – and I found it very interesting, I dare say sensational. I wondered how many would have wanted to be in Solomon’s place, not so much as King over Israel, but with God telling you – Ask what you want me to give you! – and you are already there making a wish that is certainly accepted. On the contrary, if God pleases you get even further as in the case of Solomon.

Think of how many of us in Solomon’s place, upon a similar request, would have the opportunity to instantly fulfill what are the desires of their heart. Something truly incredible.

How many worries in this life, how much time in research and work to pursue a real goal. And instead of being able to have a similar occasion in front of which perhaps someone would go mad with joy or maybe he would be staring for a whole month.
Therefore, to realize everything in the blink of an eye, how many things could be asked of him, and here they would all be answered.

In the history of man, we see that with his imagination he created several fables hidden perhaps behind this very request of God to Solomon. Or in any case behind his own desires in wanting to achieve everything in the blink of an eye, and from here we know Aladdin’s tale. This tells us about a young man who finds a special lamp, rubbing it and a Genius comes out and asks him to express wishes.

And so maybe some other story that makes children live certainly special moments, makes them dream for a few moments and maybe even manages to make them believe that something like this can really happen to them in their lives and thus be able to instantly realize what they are. their wishes

Demand what you want prayer

Prayer is the key you need, your faith helps you if you believe in God’s answer. God promises to show you his will in Jeremiah 33: 3, – call on me and I will answer you, and tell you great and impenetrable things that you do not know. Demand what you want with this prayer to the guardian angels.

To you, Holy Angels, who guide my steps and keep my life, I address my prayer.
To you who know all my thoughts,
that you weigh my suffering and my joy,
I ask to rush to help me
to achieve as much as I wish
(express with simplicity and clarity
what you want to get).
I ask you Icosiel, who guards the time;
intertwines coincidences, accelerates everyone’s steps
those who can help me.
I ask you Tagriel,
that instill courage and determination:
inspires the motives of the
right people,
that they can choose and
decide in my favor.
And I ask you Barinael,
that you distribute the right rewards,
with the help of your Heavenly Brothers,
to bring to me the wish fulfilled, in
change of all the good and just things that
I’ve done so far. And to all of you, holy angels
keep my life, my thought goes
loving, deep thanks for
how much you have already given me and for how much
you will bring me again, which can bring happiness
in my life and enlightenment
to my soul.

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  1. I demand that my prayers and wish to come true. I want to live a comfortable life free from stress. I want God to bless me just as how he blessed King Solomon of old.

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